Lots of legroom on this bus to Baton Rouge and it’s cheap, cheap, cheap

NEW ORLEANS -  The bus stops here.

It's called FlixBus.

And it's bound for Baton Rouge.

And it's now leaving New Orleans.

The best part of this road trip is the price according to the guy in the back seat, WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood.

The price is 99 cents.

You can book your ride by just clicking right here.

Less than a dollar for this deal.

And it's aboard a bus that's sort of like Southwest Airlines, Spirit and JetBlue all rolled into one and now rolling down the road with 55 seats.

The idea and the owners come from Europe.

When you leave the driving to them, you also get lots of legroom.

You get free WiFi.

And you get a bathroom with a view.

Well, it has a curtain.

There's now a new way to navigate New Orleans to Baton Rouge.  It's an 80 mile express trip with no stops.

No problem.

Unless you get hungry or thirsty.

So bring your own snacks and bring your own beverages.


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