The FBI wants to hire people in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS — The FBI wants to hire 900 special agents from around the country.  Workers at the FBI office in New Orleans would like to see as many of them as possible come from our area.

“From a diverse population, we are seeking for this event to recruit women and people of color that have the necessary requisite backgrounds to join the FBI as a special agent,” said New Orleans FBI Special Agent in Charge Eric Rommal.

The bureau is hosting a meeting for applicants on March 20.  Anyone who is interested in attending must register in advance by calling 504-816-3000 or by visiting

There are some requirements like a bachelor’s degree with two years experience on the job.  Also, applicants can have no convictions for felonies or for domestic violence misdemeanors.  Applicants need to be between 23 and 36 years old.  But veterans and people with advanced degrees have more relaxed requirements.

If you make the cut, the pay is good.

“The starting salary for FBI Special Agent is approximately $80,000 a year. A person would get a pay raise every year for the first five years and then every other year after that,” said FBI Special Agent Sidney Reed who is also the Applicant Coordinator and Recruiter in New Orleans.

Once an applicant registers and clears a preliminary background check , he or she will be told where to go to attend the event on Wednesday evening.  So don’t wait too long to apply!

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