Firefighters rescue dog after head stuck in wheel rim

GRAND PRAIRIE — Curiosity can be a not-so-good-thing for our pets sometimes.

Case in point, someone’s dog got its head stuck in the rim of a wheel.

The owner drove up to Fire Station 6 one Stonewall Drive in Grand Prairie, with the dog in the back of the truck and her head stuck in the rim.

It took the firefighters approximately an hour to cut the rim apart enough for the dog to pull herself out since the dog had so much extra skin around her neck.

The owners, like the dog, were very thankful and relieved.

The Grand Prairie Fire Department tweeted about the incident Thursday afternoon, saying, “Our buddy was pleased to see Station 6 B-shift come to his rescue! The rim had to be cut apart using a small saw to make room for the dog’s head to pull out. He thanked them with plenty of doggy kisses!”

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