Bob Saget’s outrageous and wild new show, ‘Videos After Dark’

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NEW ORLEANS-- There's a new edgy show on ABC called "Videos After Dark" with comedian host Bob Saget.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez talked with Bob Saget today about what makes this new show so outrageous, and about his favorite funny moment from his hit family sitcom, "Full House."

"This is not like the old video show.  It really suits New Orleans.  It suits it because it is blurred body parts and babies cursing.  I'd recommend it for kids 12 and up.  It is rated PG-12," Saget said.

"We're in a time right now as you know that people need to laugh and a lot of the things people laugh at are a little irreverent," Saget said.

"Videos After Dark" is not a contest like "America's Funniest Home Videos," but if you do send in a video that they choose to use, you'll get $500.

On the show, Bob Saget does the funny voice overs over the videos just like he used to do on "America's Funniest Home Videos."

Bob Saget is known for playing funny dad, "Danny Tanner" on the family sitcom "Full House" and the reboot, "Fuller House."

"A favorite episode of mine was when Stephanie played by Jodie Sweetin backed a cement truck into the kitchen.  The kitchen starting filling with cement and it was kind of a bit like a copy of an old I Love Lucy episode,"  Saget said.

"Videos After Dark" airs on ABC starting tonight after the season finale of "The Bachelor."




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