History being made with George V. Rainey as Zulu king

NEW ORLEANS-- This year's Zulu parade is special, for many reasons.  One reason is King George V. Rainey.  He's a long-time member and official of the krewe and he stopped by to tell us how this year's parade is making history.

Rainey said,  "This is the first time they had two brothers in the organization that were kings. And we also have the youngest queen in 48 years. Well, the fact that I am the oldest king. Don't take much to see that." (laughs)

At 87 years old, Mr. Rainey says he spent most of his time as a member working on the krewe's business, "A lot of things I never gave a thought or dream about is becoming a reality and giving me a wake-up call, 'Man, why didn't you do this years ago.'"

George V. Rainey, 2019 Zulu King (WGNO-TV)

History is also being made as the LSU Tiger marching band will be in this year's parade.

Said Rainey, "My granddaughter is a student at LSU. And believe it or not, everybody is going wild, especially the people from LSU that I've come in contact with. That's another first, you know

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