Rex Queen 2019: Britt Johnsen carries on a royal family tradition

Kristina “Britt” Johnsen is over the moon about being named Queen of Rex, but she says her grandfathers are probably more excited than she is.

One was Rex 1991, and the other arrived in the United States on Mardi Gras day, 62 years ago, which was also March 5th on the calendar, the same date Britt will reign.

She’s grateful her 93-year-old grandfather is here to discuss Rex royalty with her.

“It’s so special to me because he lives, eats and breathes Mardi Gras and Rex,” says Britt, who’s been hard at work learning her queenly duties, such as how to properly wave the scepter.

Designer Suzanne St. Paul worked with Britt to design an amazing golden gown that features a pattern similar to the one worn by her grandmother, when she was Rex Queen 1949. Several other family members also have royal ties.

The Vanderbilt University junior has a resume filled with service work.

She’s kind and courageous, even having the guts to bungee jump in New Zealand, where she recently studied abroad.

In similar fashion, Britt Johnsen is more than ready to jump into her new role as Queen of Carnival 2019.

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