Kaare’s News with a View: Another corrupt politician bites the dust

Kaare Johnson gives his "News with a View" Mondays and Wednesdays on WGNO's News with a Twist at 6 p.m.

It's nice when justice is served, because you never know in Louisiana.

For so many years, corrupt politicians have been getting away with it. And, sadly, it's almost what we've come to expect.

But times have changed.

I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that every corrupt politician gets indicted and goes to jail.  But, at least now, some are being indicted, convicted, and are actually going to jail.

We've seen it in our recent past with Edwin Edwards, Bill Jefferson, Ray Nagin, Aaron Broussard--just to name a few.

The latest and greatest political criminal to get popped is ex-North Shore District Attorney Walter Reed.

He has fully exhausted his appeals. And, now, a judge has ordered him to start his four-year prison sentence for corruption on April 1st.

And, this is clearly a good thing.

You can forget about the one criminal investigation "where the feds got their man."

Like most corrupt Louisiana politicians, only a fool would think this was a one-time thing.

I've got to believe Edwards, Jefferson, Nagin, Broussard, and now Reed, have been doing this type of thing most of their public life.

Either way, it's nice when justice is served.

Because, you never know in Louisiana.

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