Wednesday parade forecast

A good forecast for parades tonight but expect a couple showers


The weather looks pretty good as we get back into the parades on Wednesday night. Overall not too many issues. Mild temperatures will make for an enjoyable evening around 70 and then the upper 60s after sunset. However expect at least a brief shower to make its way through the parade route as well.

The Futurecast shows a couple of those showers around New Orleans at 5 PM. While not heavy they will be a nuisance to anyone out along the route.

Most of the short range forecast models are showing a few showers in the 5-7 PM time frame. It would be a good idea to pack an umbrella or poncho to be safe.

The pattern we are in lends itself to numerous rain chances over the next several days. However it is also tough to predict the time frame of those due to the fluid nature and lack of a real defined front or something like that. Plan on mild conditions with off and on showers through Sunday before cooler conditions early next week.

Rain chance this evening will be 30-40%.

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