Black History Month: Over 135 years of the Rhodes Funeral Home

NEW ORLEANS-- Burials are an important part of any community and in our city, we say goodbye to loved ones in the most unique ways.

One New Orleans family has been assisting in that effort for over a century and they're the subject of today's Black History moment.

Jasmine Navarre says, "I am a 4th generation family member for the Rhodes Family of Businesses. We are celebrating 135 years in business, starting in 1884 and that would have been my great grandfather Duplain W. Rhodes Sr., who started the business over on Valence St. and our family has just worked to continue that legacy over the past 135 years."

Navarre continued, "The uniqueness of the New Orleans funeral can really be displayed cross-culturally. Whether we`re working with Italian families, or Irish families, or African-American families, you get a full mix of everything inside that culture. We work to give our customers and families the opportunity to know that you`re going to get the same service you received with my grandfather, great grandfather, and Sandra, Pete, or Joan."

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