Clever Girl Scout re-brands Somoas cookies to Jason ‘Momoas’

COLORADO – The competition is on to see which Girl Scout sells the most GS cookies, and a girl in Colorado is putting her brain to work.

Putting a spin on the classic “Samoas,” a girl scout out of Highlands Ranch, CO. may have a future in marketing.

Fifth grader Charlotte Holmberg changed the cookie box to feature a picture of shirtless Jason Momoa, with his name in place of the “Samoas” logo.

Holmberg already has the title of “Cookie CEO,” which she earned in 2018 after selling more than 2,000 boxes.

Although, the young girl sold out of all her boxes of cookies faster than expected, the reviews from the public are mixed.

Some say the girl should be sued for using the picture without permission, others believe this shows the double standard for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and some even believe this falls under the #metoo movement.

Whatever your position on the box itself, we all love those delicious cookies inside.

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