Did you know Nicolas Cage gave a two-headed snake to Audubon Zoo?

NEW ORLEANS– Did you know that back in 2009 actor Nicolas Cage gave his pet two-headed snake to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans as a gift?

The two-headed snake still resides in the reptile house at the Audubon Zoo.

Nicolas Cage was shooting the movie, “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” at the Audubon Zoo and gifted the snake to the zoo while filming.

Katie Smith, Senior Director of Marketing at Audubon Nature Institute told News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez that this is one of the unique things about having movie crews filming at Audubon Zoo.

“The actors and crews enjoy filming here,” Smith said.

Jonathan Vogel with the Audubon Nature Institute shot this video of Cage’s two-headed snake!

We will have more unique stories about movies filmed at Audubon Zoo on our Oscars special on Sunday February 24th on WGNO-TV.



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