A man on a mission: The Mission Pantry opens up to the hungry and the willing to serve

LACOMBE, La. -- For those who are burdened with hunger, men like Billy Mitchell work to make sure they're fed.

At the new "Mission Pantry" on the north shore, shelves of food are distributed by local food retailers and then boxed up to serve over 24,000 people across the area.

"We're serving the community, giving them help where they need it. They're going to get rice, they're going to get canned goods, they're are going to get cakes, cookies," says Billy.

He says it's a labor of love and made the choice to spend his time helping others after falling on hard times.

"Throughout my whole life, I felt like there was something missing. As I got older, going through emotional issues, depression, suicidal tendencies, not understanding, 'Why do I feel this way? Why am I doing drugs to cope with these situations?' I always felt abandoned," says Billy.

After years of drug addiction and being unable to mend broken relationships, he turned to the "Giving Hope Retreat."

This 58-acre property offers housing to 80 men who are going through a year-long rescue and recovery program.

"We just have to take it under control, you know, put our human nature down at the bottom and put God first," explains Billy.

To Billy's success, he recently completed the program.

Now, he dedicates his life to serving those in need.

It's very humbling because I've been in that situation, going to food banks and stuff like that. I enjoy helping people because that is what we are here for, to serve one another and unite each other as a family. What better way to serve God than to serve his people?" says Billy.

The pantry is opened six days a week.

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