King Cake of the Day: Hi-Do Bakery

TERRYTOWN, La. -  King Cake of the Day is back! Today we're heading to Hi-Do Bakery, Test Kitchen Taylor's favorite.

Kim Do's father came to the US from Vietnam and opened up this shop before the rest of the family even got here. When she moved over at age 11, into the bakery she went! "Ever since we came over to America, we've always been in the bakery."

But how did they come up with the recipe for their unmistakable king cakes? "I think it's an evolution of just trying out different things and getting to the point where we're like, 'This is good.' It's basically customer feedback." Also, all the love that goes into the cakes, "It really is everything. We like eating them. We like making them."

They offer many different flavors, but Test Kitchen Taylor says their Bavarian cream is where it's at, "Their king cake is super moist, and I tell everyone about their Bavarian Cream. One day I want it at my wedding!"

Kim favorite is a little bit different, "One of the more special cakes is the almond, with the almond paste in the middle, and we put almond slices on top. Those are really good."

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