Dr. Rachel: Should you do a body cleanse?

NEW ORLEANS - A viewer asked a very good question about doing a body detox, so Dr. Rachel Reitan, our teaching doctor, is here to set the records straight.

Although you may feel like you ate or drank too much during the holidays, a body cleanse, or detox, is not the right answer.

These cleanses usually involve several days of fasting, consuming only liquids, and taking herbal supplements.

But, according to Dr. Rachel, there is NO scientific evidence or proof that cleansing or detoxing your body will remove any toxins, or make you healthier.

In fact, it may do the opposite, and harm your liver.

Dr. Rachel says before you do any sort of body cleanse, check with your doctor.

If you have any medical questions, you can email drrachel@wgno.com.

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