The Chuck Norris 5K sells out in record time

NEW ORLEANS — Did you know that Chuck Norris built the hospital that he was born in?

Not really… but he is doing something pretty incredible. Norris is hosting a 5K this year in Texas that is expected to set the world record for the most people dressed like him. The CForce Chuck Norris 5K is May 4th in College Station. Registration comes with a custom Chuck Norris style t-shirt, a fake beard and a belt buckle.

He’s going to be there to kick off the race, and he’ll even be waiting for you at the finish line. It’s noted that “organizers are not responsible for any injuries that might occur from allowing Chuck Norris to give you a high five.”

Over 5,000 people are expected to participate and so far they’ve raised $11,753 for the Mercy Project.

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