Did Coach Payton really wear a t-shirt making Roger Goodell a clown?

NEW ORLEANS -  At first glance, Coach Sean Payton looked casually normal, wearing a light blue polo shirt for his last scheduled news conference of the Saints season.

But peaking out from under the polo shirt, sharp-eyed Saints fans thought they spotted something else. Payton also was wearing a turquoise t-shirt with some kind of image on the front, mostly-- but not totally--obscured by the polo shirt. And that's when social media sports conspiracy theorists went wild.

This is what many believe was the image on Payton's t-shirt: A Roger Goodell Clown shirt

Barstool Sports sells the "Clown Tee," which features an image of NFL Commish Roger Goodell with a red rubber ball stuck on the end of his nose.  Get it?

According to the website, the shirt price has been lowered from $28.00 to $25. 92, and it "typically ships in 3-6 business days."  Given that it appears Payton was wearing the shirt, Barstool should expect sales to skyrocket among Saints fans.

Payton hasn't said a peep, but "I wouldn't put it past him," says WGNO Sports Director Ed Daniels about the speculation that Payton used his clothes to send a subtle but snarky message to Goodell.

Payton, says Daniels, "is edgy like that."


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