This Legend already got a Rams Super Bowl victory tattoo

NEW ORLEANS — This ain’t no tiny tat.

An Arizona man was so confident that the Los Angeles Rams would win Super Bowl 53… he got a victory tattoo… in August!

According to Kenneth Dunham, The idea of losing never crossed his mind. He is, “100 percent sure the team is going to win.”

“One more win!” Dunham tweets. He appears to be superstitious, asking Twitter followers to, “wear the same jerseys they wore for ‘this’ game…” as they were for a previous game. He also tweets, “Speak it, believe it.”

Hopefully he won’t have to tweet, “Tattooed it, but they blew it.”

As far as the legitimacy of the tat,  Dunham says that he had it done on August 18, 2018 by @cztattoo from @LivingCanvasAZ in Tempe, AZ.

He says that the @nflnetwork validated the tattoo timing and design.

There is now a social media campaign to get Dunham to the Super Bowl.

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