U2’s Bono impersonator is a fan of Robin Barnes ‘The Songbird of New Orleans’

UPDATE: Robin Barnes got a message from the man who she thought was Bono from the rock band U2, and it turns out he was an impersonator!

She posted to her Facebook that the Bono impersonator sent her a letter explaining to her what had happened.  Robin said that even though he was an impersonator, he still cheered her up after the Saints loss on Sunday night.

NEW ORLEANS– ‘The Songbird of New Orleans’ Robin Barnes has a new fan!  That’s right!  Musical legend, Bono the lead singer of rock band U2.

Bono stopped by The Spotted Cat Music Club on Frenchmen Street this past Sunday night.

Barnes tells us that Bono stayed for her entire last set and stood by her and her piano while she was singing and was jamming out to the music.

After the show, he told her that her voice is amazing and that he really enjoyed her original songs.  Barnes in turn told him what an inspiration he is to her.

They snapped a quick selfie together before he left.

We all here in New Orleans know how amazing Robin Barnes is, and we are glad Bono got to find out too!

For more information on Robin Barnes and her music and where you can see her perform, click HERE.



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