Read Governor Edwards’ letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

The letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell from Governor John Bel Edwards. This article includes a link so that you may more easily read the letter.

BATON ROUGE, LA — Governor John Bel Edwards sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell today, January 22, requesting that the league take action in the wake of the infamous Saints no-call in the NFC Championship Game two days prior.

In the letter, Governor Edwards writes that the game should have been decided by the players on the field.  Edwards also says that the error was, “…so out of bounds that it affected the fundamental fairness of the game…”.

The governor also mentions the letter that Saints owner Gayle Benson released regarding her communications with the league following the game.  Edwards says that he hopes the league will  come up with rule changes to ensure that a similar no-call does not happen again.

According to Saints coach Sean Payton, the league admitted to him that the referees blew the call Sunday night.  But there has been no statement specifically from Goodell about the situation.

The governor goes on to praise Saints fans and to state that they have overcome much bigger events.  If you’d like to read Governor Edwards’ entire letter to Goodell, click here.

Edwards ends his letter with the sentence, “I look forward to hearing your response.”

We all do!

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