‘When the Saints Go Marching In’: a song to sing for MLK Day

COVINGTON, La - It's a way to remember and commemorate the moment.

The moment is the day.

And it's Martin Luther King, Jr Day.

And in Covington, Louisiana, it's the day to move the celebration through the streets with a big parade.

That's what they're doing this Monday, January 21.

And the parade is parade of walking.

It's an annual holiday remembrance.

In the parade marching proudly, the Pitcher Junior HIgh Panther Band from Covington, Louisiana.

And also in the parade,  the Greater Covington Branch of the NAACP.

They were walking and carrying photographs of heroes through history.

Heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr.

And they were singing.

They were singing, "When the Saints go marching in" as they moved proudly across Covington, Louisiana.


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