Be Drew Brees. Be a Touchdown. Be a Football

NEW ORLEANS -  You are a Drew Brees.

That's what this New Orleans drama teacher says to her classful of nine year olds.

The teacher is Ashley Santos.

She teaches third graders at Lusher Charter School in New Orleans.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is not at the head of this class, but at the back watching the kids as they get inspiration from the New Orleans Saints.

When the teacher tells them to become Drew Brees, Collin Castle says, "well nine is my lucky number and I am the only one here wearing a Drew Brees jersey."

It means the Saints are more than just a great football team.  They're great for inspiration.

That's right.  It's not Shakespeare inspiring this class full of New Orleans theatre kids.

It's the New Orleans Saints.

How does drama teacher Ashley Santos do it?

It's the way the kids warm up backstage for whatever performance they're about to move into.

She inspires her third grade drama students with visions of touchdowns.

She tells them to become a goalpost because as she says, "you have to be in the game, in the moment, be confident, so we're using the Saints as our inspiration this week."

So a cast of nine-year-olds warms up with ten simple Saints-themed exercises for actors.

They stand as Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, a touchdown, a cheerleader, a football, a goalpost, a Saints superfan, Will Lutz, the losing team and the all import Super Bowl Lombardi Trophy.

Larke Washington is holding a gymnastics kind of pose as a cheerleader.

Wild Bill asks Larke, "how long do you have to hold this?"

Larke says, "until the Saints make a touchdown!"

Sometimes you're a cheerleader.

Sometimes you're not.

Drago Han is a football.

What's on his mind as he does this?

Drago says, "well it kind of makes me think Drew Brees throwing me for a touchdown pass."

Wild Bill notices, "you're wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey!"

Drago says, "my Saints one is in the laundry."

Broadway may be in their future.

Right after, the Super Bowl.

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