Sideline Secrets: Chelsea Ingram talks life, love, children, and the NFL

NEW ORLEANS - At the end of the day, win or lose, our prized Saints players are just like us. They go home to their families and vent about their day... but guess who they vent to?

Our very own Tamica Lee sat down with the wives of some of our favorite Saints players to talk about life off of the field.

Chelsea Ingram is from San Diego, so she admits to having to Google Mark Ingram.

While in New Orleans visiting family members Heather and Roman Harper, they insisted she meet Mark.

Chelsea met him, and although she said he was nice, her plane back to California was leaving the next day.

Well... one cancelled flight and a late night conversation later, the deal was sealed.

Chelsea says on the field, Mark is aggressive, and has a big personality, but at home, he is laid back and easy going.

Tamica asked about Mark's game day rituals, and Chelsea spills the details.

Watch the full interview to hear more about what game day is like at home for the family of five.

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