Eat Dat: black and gold king cakes for the Saints

SLIDELL, La -  Now you really can, Eat Dat.

Dat Black and Gold King Cake, dat is!

They're being made by a baker named Sierra at her bakery, Sierra's Sugar Love Cakes Bakery

It's in Slidell, Louisiana.

Sierra has a history of making all kinds of king cakes.  Sierra even created king cake on a stick for Mardi Gras.

Perfect for parade season.

You can eat your king cake and your hands remain clean.  No sugary, sticky memories.  At least not on your hands.

She also has cupcakes and cookies decorated with black and gold icing for the Saints, in the Saints colors.

Sierra has even created a Who Dat Cake.

And she's got King Cake on a Stick in the Saints colors, black and gold.

Black and gold that you can eat at this bakery.

Eat Dat!





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