Saints altar created to raise awareness for Team Gleason Foundation

NEW ORLEANS -- The Drew Brees Saints candle has become a best seller for local artist, Mose Mary and Me, but have you seen the entire Saints altar? Well, now you can...

It's candles with a cause at Polite Society where owner, Vesna Maras erected an entire Saints altar to raise awareness for ALS. She told WGNO's Kinsey Schofield, "I did it because I wanted to support Team Gleason, it's an organization I really believe in. We are taking donations for them in the form of a check made out to the Team Gleason Foundation. They offer people living with ALS vital equipment and resources to enhance their lives."

Of course, Vensa needed a local artist to help her execute her vision, so she called on Mose Mary and Me creator, Stephanie Kauffman, to customize the entire starting line up. That's not all though... the order included Coaches and Gumbo the mascot!

Stephanie typically does not take orders after Thanksgiving but her love for the Saint overwhelmed her desire to sleep. "Thirty (candles) was a bit of an ask and I was like, if I'm going to do it, it's going to be for the Saints. I'm going to commit to it and I don't know where I'm going to find the time, I'm not sure I'm going to make this happen but I'm going to make it happen."

Of course, everyone has their favorites! Vensa lights up over her Alvin Kamara candle... "My favorite candle is Alvin Kamara because Alvin Kamara is my favorite player for many many reasons. I love on this candle that you can see his trademark airheads, his favorite candy. I love that he's into fashion. He went to New York Fashion Week. I love when he hangs out with Mark Ingram and they put all of that stuff on their Instagram. And the two of them together are amazing and I mean, it's Alvin Kamara, you guys."

If you would like to purchase your favorite, or even the entire team, they're now available on

So whether you're looking for the perfect selfie or to donate to Team Gleason, Polite Society welcomes you to worship at the altar of the Saints.

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