Polly want a ‘Who Dat’?

METAIRIE, La -  Fans of the New Orleans Saints come in all shapes and sizes.

You know that.

And now, one who comes covered in feathers.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood finds this fan perched in a hair salon in Metairie, Louisiana.

You know you're near New Orleans when you go to the hair salon and the stylist has a parrot sitting on her shoulder.

The salon is called Teased by Jen.  It's located at 3348 West Esplanade in Metairie.

Jen, who does the teasing and other things to hair, is Jennifer Thiele.

Jen's been doing hair for almost two decades.

She loves it.  She lives it.  Hair is her life. And you can tell by her clients, she's good.

And when she's doing hair, there's sometimes a parrot curiously sitting on her shoulder.

The parrot is there because the parrot is not her pet.  The parrot, Jennifer Thiele says, is her son.

That's right, the parrot is her son.

And the parrot is also a fan of the New Orleans Saints.

Everybody, everywhere talks the talk.

But this parrot, this bird squawks the squawk.

The bird says, "who dat!"

That's right.  Dat's right.

Who dat.

The two most famous words in New Orleans Saints football.

The parrot's name is Wheezy.

Wheezy because when Jen Thiele got the baby bird at three weeks old, the bird made "wheezy" sounds.

Now the parrot won't stop talking.

Mostly at home, Wheezy squawks "who dat".

Sunday, Jen Thiele will be sitting in the Superdome when the Saints play the Philadelphia Eagles.

But Wheezy will be back at home in Metairie, cheering from the sidelines.

The Who Dat Parrot.


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