New Orleans poboys vs. Philly cheesesteaks

NEW ORLEANS -- Who's ready for the playoffs?

New Orleans vs. Philly is a pretty powerful match up not only on the field but also in the kitchen.

It's the New Orleans poboys vs. the Philly cheesesteaks.

Let's start at Melba's Poboys on Elysian Fields Avenue where the team is serving up some fierce competition.

"We have different poboys. We have hot sausage.  We got shrimp.  We got turkey.  We even have veggies. We have it all. So, we win the poboys, we win it," says head chef, Lois Thomas.

Over at Liberty Cheesesteaks on Freret Street, their defensive line is a powerful one.

"We are really the Philly cheesesteak spot in New Orleans. There are others that try, but it's not our quality. When you come here you're getting cheese you're getting steak and your getting onions. It's just simple," says general manager, Matthew Trim.

Melba's is scrambling, but didn't get sacked.

They're offering up a messy sandwich that is sure to score.

"We take our french bread, we cut it, we throw it through the warmer. We put the works on it. Some of them like it sloppy. They want extra mayonnaise on it and some of them want it dry. All of the juice runs down their arms from the tomatoes and the mayonnaise. Yea, it's real good," jokes Lois.

Liberty Cheesesteak argues their sandwich is better due to the different texture of bread and authentic Philly meat.

"Everyone comes in and they think it's going to be a poboy, they think they're getting french bread, but it's not. It is a softer bread, we get it shipped down from a bakery in New Jersery and we get our meat from Philadelphia. It's a New York strip," says Trim.

So which one do you like better?

We're going to have to throw a flag on this one, because choosing between the two just doesn't seem fair.

At Liberty Cheesesteak, Trim says there are up to 60 regular Eagles fans who come in to watch every game.

An Eagles flag hangs on the wall, but underneath it hangs a Saints flag.

I guess you can say anyone is welcome.

Over at Melba's, this poboy shop is open 24 hours a day.

They hope customers come and get their fix no matter what time it is.

So whether you're screaming "Who Dat" or "Fly Eagles fly," both sandwiches are up for grabs and competing for the win!

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