Airheads creates limited edition Alvin Kamara Watermelon Zoom! candy

NEW ORLEANS--  Airheads the chewy candy from Perfetti Van Melle has created an exclusive Airheads flavor for New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara.

They created the Alvin Kamara Watermelon Zoom! candy just for him!

Public awareness of Kamara's passion for Airheads began to swell when Kamara tweeted about his favorite candy early on in the 2017 football season.  Since that first tweet, Kamara has continued to give Airheads to his teammates on the sidelines anytime he scores a touchdown.  Saints fans began to superstitiously purchase their Airheads before each game.

These special edition Airheads were created solely for Kamara.  The company says that Kamara can hand them out to his teammates, friends, family, and whoever he wants.

For more information on Perfetti Van Melle and Airheads, click HERE.




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