A 13-year-old writes, speaks, sings Chinese: On STILTS

NEW ORLEANS -  What's a New Orleans' eighth grader doing on stilts?

That's the question WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is asking in this edition of Wild Bill's Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at The Keating Law Firm.

You're about to get a translation for all of this.

This amazing kid really knows how to take you to lofty levels.  She's a 13-year-old who talks the walk, talks the talk, sings the song.

And she does it all.

On stilts.

It all starts in a New Orleans classroom where all the kids are learning Chinese.

The school is the International School of Louisiana.  And the class is filled with eighth graders.   And the one in the spotlight is named Indyanna.

That's Indyanna Cramer.

And she explains why she loves the Chinese language.

Indyanna Cramer says, "it's really simple, more simple than English with a structure always the same like the conjugations of verbs."

Any time anybody asks Indyanna, she still stands to give the speech that took her to what's essentially the Olympics of Chinese.

It was in Texas, a two-minute-test, a contest against other thirteen year olds.

At least, that's what Indyanna Cramer thought

And then when she got there, "I was the second youngest one there, but I was still confident i would kick all their butts."

The second youngest finished fourth from the top.

Since her school has also has a circus class, Indyanna now takes her Chinese skills sky high.

On stilts.

Up there, she walks the walk and talks the talk and even sings the song.

All that in Chinese.

Wild Bill Wood asks her, "why did you want to learn Chinese?"

Indyanna Cramer says, "I originally wanted to learn Chinese because I thought Chinese was good and I wanted to go to China when I'm older."

Now,  Indyanna Cramer's  plan is to travel the whole world, all while she's learning languages as she goes.

She's got the right attitude.

And now, she's got the right altitude.

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