How much do autographed Brees & Kamara jerseys cost?

NEW ORLEANS-- So what's an autographed black and gold saints jersey worth?   As the Saints continue in the play-offs, in hopes of heading to the Super Bowl, autographed Saints jerseys could see a major spike in prices.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez takes a look!

Brees, Kamara, Thomas, Ingram, and Lattimore are all jerseys worth a whole lot of money especially if they are autographed.

"Right now a signed Drew Brees jersey is worth $600, an Alvin Kamara jersey is worth about $400, and Lattimore, Ingram, and Thomas are about $250,"  Mark Channing, Owner of Markman Sports Cards & Collectibles said.

If the Saints end up going to the Super Bowl then the prices will get even higher.

"Brees could go up three to four hundred more dollars and Kamara, Thomas, and Ingram could go up a few hundred bucks," Channing said.

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