What are the odds? How to prepare for NFL wild card weekend according to Covers.com

NEW ORLEANS - With the Superbowl exactly one month away, Jason Logan from Covers.com talks betting strategy.

Happening this weekend, four huge wildcard games. On Saturday you have Colts at Texans and Seahawks at Cowboys. And on Sunday, Chargers at Ravens and Eagles at Bears.

Seahawks at Cowboys opens -2.5, going as low as -1.

The Bears and Eagles open up at -5.5 for the Bears, and that has has gone down to -6.

The Saints holding the number one seed position, have the week off, as they await to see who they will play in their first 2019 playoff game.

As far as betting goes, Logan says the Saints are 9-4 front runners to win the Superbowl.

This means is you bet $100, you will get a return of $225.

Trailing the Saints you have the Chiefs at 4-1 odds, Rams at 5-1, Patriots at 6-1, Bears are 9-1, and the Chargers are 16-1.

Good news for the Saints if history repeats itself, the number one seed has won the Superbowl the last five years.

And as for the Pelicans, it's not looking to good. Coming off of a loss at Brooklyn last night, the Pels do have a small two day break before playing at Cleveland this Saturday.

"The Pelicans only get 29 points per game off the bench. That's actually the second lowest in the NBA." says Logan. "Here in New Orleans, just 6 and 10 ATS vs. the Eastern Conference this season, and just 7 and 13 ATS on the road."

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