Hey Now Hooping: A hula hooping experience for both fitness and play

NEW ORLEANS -- It was released in the late 1950s, and became one of the most popular activities for kids.

Now, hula hoops are becoming more of a trend for adults when it comes to both fitness and play.

Hey Now Hooping is a local business that has created fun programs and classes for both young and old.

Creator, Jenette Ginsburg, makes handmade hoops that are bigger and easier than kid's toy store hoops.

They're also different from the "weighted exercise hula hoops" seen at sporting good stores.

The handmade hoops are made from an industrial tubing and weigh between one and two pounds.

Each week, there is a fitness class for adults at the Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Center.

It involves a hula hoop, and learning all the different ways it can be used in dance.

"We do some things that are probably familiar when people think about hooping as a kid, and some things that are new," says Ginsburg.

Ginsburg is a certified hoop instructor, and says that this class is all about being body positive and not worrying about shedding pounds.

"It's more about creating an environment where anyone is welcome. It's where all sizes are welcome," says Ginsburg.

"We have all skill sets, all body shapes in here, and I'm definitely the least skilled hooper in the class and certainly not the thinnest. I've never once felt out of place," says hula hoop beginner, Karrie Ann Kubatko.

"We're using the whole body, so we are really working on balance and posture and working from the core. So, it's really benefiting every muscle group," says Ginsburg.

"I do high intensity interval training, I do yoga, and to me that almost seems like a chore. I do it anyway, but it seems like a chore. This just like, I have to go to class. You know? It's fun!" says veteran hula hooper, Maureen Sison.

The next series of classes kicks off on February 6th.

Learn how to sign up by clicking here.

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