Buy this king cake and feel like royalty

NEW ORLEANS — Carnival season is almost here, and there will be no shortage of people debating over who makes the best king cakes or standing in line to buy them.

The folks at Second Harvest Food Bank hopes you’ll buy one of theirs.  Not only can you order from a list of varieties, you will also be helping the food bank’s mission of providing meals for the hungry because each cake raises money for the cause.

The cakes are nine-inches and come in three varieties.  The traditional/cinnamon cake costs $13.75; the praline, $16.50; and the fresh strawberry and cream cheese, $18.98.  Prices do not include sales tax.

If you are interested in buying one of the king cakes, you can call 504-729-6354.  Or you can email Brandon Jaffe in the food bank’s Community Kitchen at  Workers ask that you allow at least two days to process your order.

All orders must be picked up before 3:00 in the afternoon at the Community Kitchen at 700 Edwards Avenue in Elmwood.


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