Families spend Christmas at City Park

NEW ORLEANS, — It was a very merry and warm Christmas which drew families out of their homes and right into City Park.

The 1,300 acre park was crowded with both families and tourists who traded in a day around the fire drinking hot cocoa for bicycling, kayaking, and a little time on the playground.

Just ask 11 year old, Koro Osiohwo.

She says this decision was a no-brainer for Christmas Day.

“It feels great, the weather is great. I think you are like having Christmas twice because you have summer weather right now and you have summer weather in summertime,” says Osiohwo.

Other families also shared with me their traditional Christmas morning routines that today, include City Park.

“Well, we went to church this morning and now we are spending the rest of the day with each other. I’m enjoying my grand baby right here, and the rest of my family and just having a great day at the park,” says Garrett Walters.

Many families said they are coming back for the holiday lights festival at City Park, Celebration in the Oaks.

This event ends on January 1st.

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