Full of ‘who dat’ jokes and a strong Cajun accent, don’t miss the opportunity to meet the Cajun Santa

METAIRIE- You may have seen Santa Claus at the mall, taking pictures with kids, and asking what they want for Christmas.
But, if you visit the mall at Lakeside Shopping Center, you'll notice 'who dat' jokes, and a strong Cajun accent. You've just met the Cajun Santa.  WGNO's Adam Bowles has his story.

Lakeside Shopping Center during Christmas time is filled with busy shoppers, holiday magic, and friendly greetings.

"Hey, man! How you doing? I sure like that blue suit you got."

But, if you listen closely.

"Hey, do you like gumbo? Alrighty."

You'll hear the distinct voice of someone we all know and love.

"Do you like the saints? Alright! Who dat now! Oh, yeah! I know dat!"

A die-hard saints fan with a hearty appetite.

''I love some fried oysters."

Meet Mr. Antoine, also known as the Cajun Santa, who brings an unique Lousiana flare to his job.

"I got an alligator replacing my reindeer. In other words, the leading alligator can't be Rudolph. He got to be Who-dolph," Cajun Santa says.

For the last 3 years with each camera flash Cajun Santa captures some sweet moments. With crying children, some not so sweet. But, every Christmas is special for Cajun Santa.

"It's amazing the children that come up here, and they're so happy. That's life, and they don't know what life is all about yet. It really is amazing," Cajun Santa says.

With every who dat, or Cajun slang, this Santa creates a holiday memory that will last a lifetime.

"You made the good list. You know what that means? You will get presents.," Cajun Santa says to a child.

You can catch Cajun Santa at the Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie Mondays-Thursdays during the holidays.


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