Dancing FBI agent who accidentally shot someone will not face jail time

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The FBI agent who unintentionally shot someone while dancing in a Denver bar will not face jail time, said Denver District Attorney Beth McCann.

In a press release Friday, McCann said Chase Bishop, 30, pleaded guilty during a disposition hearing to third-degree assault. The plea agreement meant Bishop was sentenced to 24 months of supervised probation, which he can complete out of state, the release says.

“We believe that this agreement strikes an appropriate balance of seeking justice for the victim and ensuring that this type of incident does not happen again,” McCann said.

CNN was attempting to reach an attorney for the agent and the FBI.

In June, Bishop was showing off his moves in the center of a dance circle at Mile High Spirits bar when he launched into a back handspring. During the move, a gun fell out of his waistband holster and onto the floor, Denver police said.

He moved to pick the weapon up and unintentionally fired one shot, police said. Bishop then put the gun back in his pants and walked away with his hands up.

One person was struck in the lower leg, police said. An attorney for the victim told CNN affiliate KMGH that the bullet hit the victim’s main artery and that he could have bled to death if not for a person who applied a tourniquet.

Mile High Spirits bar said at the time that the patron who was shot was welcome to complimentary drinks forever at the bar.

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