Tips on how to ‘be green’ this holiday season

Waste Management is suggesting a new holiday tradition, one that focuses on environmental sustainability.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Americans produce 25 percent more trash than any other time of year.

Studies show that this extra trash amounts to nearly 1 million additional tons of waste per week.

Waste Management listed a few ways to go green this season, including buying a real Christmas tree.

christmas gift

When you buy a real tree, you support a local farmer, and you have the ability to donate your tree afterwards.

Shopping local stimulates your local economy, and saves on the packaging by not having your items shipped.

You can also give eco-friendly, no waste gifts, such as event tickets, and plants. Another way to reduce waste is by the use of non-traditional wrapping paper, such as newspaper or fabric.

Waste Management hopes these suggestions will make a positive impact in waste reduction during the holiday season.

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