Popeyes ’emotional support chicken’ draws complaints, cheers on social media

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – A new Popeyes promotion that offers a box of fried “emotional support chicken” for fliers in the Philadelphia airport is drawing a mix of complaints and compliments from people who rely on real emotional support animals.

The tongue-in-cheek promotion that includes a container shaped like a chicken is only available at the Philadelphia airport by gate C31, according to a post on the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Facebook page.

“Delayed? Overpacked? Tired? Stressed? Cuddle up to an #EmotionalSupportChicken at Popeyes,” the post reads.

While the reaction to the offbeat promotion has been generally positive as the promotion quickly went viral, not everyone is enamored with the idea.

“As a person that needs the assistance of a service dog everyday I find this in very bad taste….” one comment in reaction to the Facebook post reads.

“I have emotional support animals and this is very offensive. Having a form of disability where the love of an animal can ease the pain and sorrow. How dare you make fun of people you know nothing about or their situation. You should be ashamed,” reads another.

But not everyone thinks the emotional support fried chicken idea is in bad taste.

“I have severe CPTSD and major anxiety issues. I thought this was hilarious. You go, Popeye’s! Most of us have a working sense of humor,” reads another comment.

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