School bus driver fired after striking student

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NEW ORLEANS – A school bus driver has been fired after cell phone video showed the driver beating a student during a confrontation yesterday afternoon.

The driver, who worked for a company called Scholars First, was driving students for Bricolage Academy when the fight broke out on December 12.

The driver has since been fired, and Bricolage Academy terminated its contract with Scholars First, according to a statement from the school, which serves children in Pre-K through the fifth grade.

“Every child has a right to safe transportation to and from a rich learning environment and there is no excuse for cruelty of any kind, much less violent behavior,” Bricolage CEO and Founder Josh Densen said. “Individual interactions with every person who represents our school must be geared toward fostering safety and confidence and creating the kind of future that every parent wants for their child.”

The names of the driver and child have not been released.

“Bricolage Academy is taking this incident very seriously, and we are providing all students, faculty and staff with appropriate counseling and resources, in keeping with our commitment to a healthy, safe environment,” Densen said.

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