Algiers Ferry Terminal gets a redesign

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NEW ORLEANS — When the Regional Transit Authority showed the public its original designs for the new Algiers Ferry Terminal, they weren’t a big hit with riders because the designs left out one key feature: a covered walkway from the ferry to Canal Street.

The RTA listened to the criticism and went back to the drawing board. Today (Dec. 13), RTA officials unveiled preliminary designs to give riders what they want.

The new designs, shared during a presentation in front of the New Orleans City Council Transportation Committee Meeting, include a couple of scenarios that keep a covered, elevated walkway that stretches most of the ground from the ferry to the street.

The walkway also goes over the train tracks between the ferry and Canal Street.

The first scenario shows a sloping ramp that starts near where riders get off the ferry and connects to the existing elevated walkway. An elevator at the end of the walkway would bring riders back to street-level.

The second scenario includes another elevator at the front end of the walkway which would lift riders to the elevated walkway. Then, an elevator at the end of the walkway would lower them back down, similar to the first scenario.

The second scenario would require that the ferry terminal building be closer to the flood wall.

“This is 150% better than what was originally proposed to the public,” said Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer. Palmer represents District C, which includes Algiers and the French Quarter. She pointed out that a ramp would probably be the better choice since elevators may break down.

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