He can run. He can jump. After the gold medals, he wants to be a lawyer

NEW ORLEANS - He's  already a star.

That's a star at the Junior Olympic Games.

Not bad for a kid who's still in seventh grade.

And for a kid who's now one of Wild Bill's Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at The Keating Law Firm.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood has the story from New Orleans Smothers Academy Preparatory School..

Wild Bill takes you to a seventh grade social studies class where the boys from New Orleans Smothers Preparatory Academy study history.

What they study is mostly old stuff.

That's what you'd expect.

That's until 12-year-old Jermal Callio, Jr. joins in.

Jermal adds his own chapter.

Jermal is adding the chapter and taking a big breath  because he's just back from the Junior Olympic Games where he finished among the winners.

Jermal Callio, Jr. finished among the winners in not one, not two, not three, but, in fact, four events.

Jermal can jump.

Jermal can run.

Jermal Callio, Jr. says, "just deep down, I never gave up, when my legs started burning, started pumping my arms and I made it through the race."

Wild Bill says to Jermal, "you pushed it across the finish line!"

And he's been pushing for a few years.

Before Jermal Callio, Jr. became a champion at the Junior Olympic Games, Jermal broke a regional record when he ran the 800 meter race.

Wild Bill wonders, "what makes you so fast Jermal?"

Jermal shares the secret to his success, "long strides, very long strides."

He's impressive.

He even impresses his dad.

Jermal Callio, Sr. says, "I'm blown away every time I look at him, is that my kid?"

The first Callio adds to that, "so yea, I am overjoyed at him. because he definitely hopes to compete in the Olympics one day and he has the talent to do it."

Jermal Callio, Jr. "ah, that would be cool, but I want to go to NFL."

And then after that, a career as a lawyer.

One day, they'll need a whole book for Jermal Callio, Jr. to tell the story of his history.

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