Freeze warning in effect for parts of WGNO viewing area

NEW ORLEANS- A FREEZE WARNING is in effect southwest of Lake Pontchartrain from 3am until 8am Tuesday morning. Temperatures will dip below 32 degrees for most of the North Shore and southwest of the lake as well. Be sure to protect your plants, bring your pets inside and it's also a good idea to keep your faucets on a slow drip as well!

The potential for freezing is mainly for areas southwest of Lake Pontchartrain including St John the Baptist parish, Lafourche parish, and Terrebonne parish and parts of the North Shore from 3am until 8 o'clock in the morning. Right now were looking at clear skies, and the temperatures are already falling in the 50's with those cold winds coming from the northwest. Here is the temperature forecast, we are starting in the 50's; but watch those temperatures drop!

In the morning, we could see upper 20's in the north shore. That is really cold! Tonight would be the perfect time to protect your plants, bring your pets inside, and I would put your faucets on a slow leak just in case. If you live around the metro though, you are good. The city will help us be warmer. We are hitting 40 in the morning. Then we have another cool day for all of us, hitting 55 degrees in the afternoon with nothing but sunshine.


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