Really COLD Turkey. What’s the secret ingredient in this Thanksgiving dish?

METAIRIE, LA -  Talk about cold turkey, this one is so cold, it's actually frozen.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is on a mission to find out what the secret ingredient is inside this Thanksgiving entree.

Turns out, the top secret ingredient is, ice cream.

Sometimes it's vanilla.

Sometimes it's oreo.

All the time, it's whatever you decide and tell the creative ice cream artists at Baskin-Robbins at 4300 Veterans Boulevard in Metairie, Louisiana.

That's where these birds are born.

Baskin-Robbins says the turkey created in ice cream heaven will surely be the centerpiece of your holiday gathering.

It's all ice cream cake.

And the drum sticks?

They're made from sugar cones.  That's right sugar cone legs on this turkey.

The cost is about $35.

It's a holiday tradition at Baskin-Robbins this time of year.

This tradition had been around since the 1970s.  But this version, this shiny turkey that really looks real was actually perfected in 2008.

What makes it so shiny and realistic?

It's a caramel coating glazing this big bird of creation.

Baskin-Robbins says the frozen bird is great as a centerpiece.  But like the frozen turkeys you buy in the meat department or at the butcher shop, this turkey also thaws out eventually.

So whatever course you decide to serve up it as, it will most likely be the messiest and the most delicious of the Thanksgiving season.

The orders are coming in quickly.

But it's not too late for a last minute order.

The Baskin-Robbins at 4300 Veterans Boulevard in Metairie, Louisiana is open on Thanksgiving Day.





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