Bald Eagle makes comeback in South Louisiana

Gibson Bayou - Nearly 50 years after a deadly pesticide almost wiped out the American Bald Eagle population, the Bald Eagle has made an incredible comeback in Southeast Louisiana.

Now you can experience  the beauty and independence of our national bird in Terrebonne Parish.

“Back in the early 1900’s, the bald eagles were very common here, but in 1972, they only had about three nests in the whole state.  It was due to a chemical called DDT. They banned that chemical and they made a major comeback." says Captain Billy Gaston of Cajun Man’s Swamp tours.

"They just did a survey a few months back and wildlife and fisheries says there are about 650 nests now in the state and about 600 are active which is really awesome. They made a major comeback." says Gaston.

In Terrebonne Parish in the Gibson Bayou Black area there’s more than 130 nests. The eagles are mating and rebuilding their same nests.

Gaston says, the eagles are the main attraction at this time of year. The eagle tours are photographers only.

The male and female mate for life and they live to be about 70 years old.

Bald eagles hunt nutria, rabbits, and all different types of wildlife.


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