Take a look at the rare fire performers of New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS- You noticed it may be have been cold outside, but here is a story that will definitely warm you up. It is rare to see fire performers out in the French Quarter, but our Twist reporter Adam Bowles got to see what it is like to perform with the art of flame.

"Fire performing, it's primal, it's that sound, that feeling, that's what its all about," Kukki Monsanto says.

There's an old saying,  'don't try this at home'.  But with these fire performers in the French Quarter, they are not afraid to blaze their own trail; any place they call home.

"It's funny I actually burned myself doing almost anything but this, I burned myself on a water heater on an iron on an cast iron pot," Magic Mike says.  "I never actually had any injuries because your never more aware of fire then when your juggling it and its right in front of you."

This is a fire burn, which is a demonstration to show their impressive skills to the public. For all three of these performers, they average about 10 years of fire training each. But, just one mistake can melt their career.

"In a regular show, if you make a drop you can say 'hey I'm building suspense'," George Sanzenbacher says. "In a fire show, if you make a drop it can go flying into the audience, so you try not to."

What they do is dangerous, but it can also be fun as well.  Kat Calico knows how to keep the audience alive and hooked. She says sexy and fire are the perfect combination.

"I went to street performing on Bourbon Street," Kat says.  "I did fire nipple tassles. I would walk over to people and say would you like to see this on fire." The heat may bring in the bucks, but with their burning desire for performing, their torches like their futures; will keep burning bright.

"I wouldn't mind if I got paid, but I would do this stuff for free if I could," Kukki says.

If you would like to book these fire performers for an event you can call Carl Mack at Carl Mack Presents. (504) 949-4009 http://www.carlmack.com



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