Slidell Police: Man killed robbing drug dealer had just shot his wife and a carjacking victim

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Jamile Robinson and Joshua Cox

SLIDELL – A violent crime spree left three people dead and one woman hospitalized, and it all began and ended with drugs.

Twenty-nine-year-old Joshua Cox found out that his mother had overdosed on drugs the night of November 8, according to the Slidell Police Department.

Around 10:15 p.m., Cox was riding in a car with his wife on the way to the hospital to view his mother’s body when Cox and his wife got into an argument.

At some point, Cox pulled out a gun and shot his wife in the chest, according to the SPD.

Cox then drove his wife to the hospital, dropped her off at the emergency room, and sped away.

Investigators have determined that Cox then spotted 38-year-old Christopher Evans working on his girlfriend’s white Chevrolet Tahoe in front of his home in the 1500 block of Queens Drive.

Cox abandoned his vehicle a block away on Elizabeth Street, and proceeded to carjack Evans.

While the details remain unclear, what is apparent is that Cox shot Evans in the head, put Evans’ body inside the Tahoe, and drove away, according to police.

Around 4:30 a.m. on November 9, officers received reports of gunfire at an apartment on Lee Street.

Responding officers found Cox lying on the ground suffering from a gunshot wound.

Detectives found keys to the Tahoe in Cox’s pocket, and when they searched the vehicle, they found Evans’ body inside.

Further investigation revealed that Cox had driven to the apartment complex to rob and kill 26-year-old Jamile Robinson.

Robinson told police he confronted Cox and shot him in self defense.

Robinson has not been charged in connection with the shooting, but was arrested on charges of possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, and a probation violation.

Cox died in the hospital, while his wife remains hospitalized but is expected to recover.

“This was a very unfortunate series of incidents that resulted in three people losing their lives,” Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal said. “The common denominator here is narcotics. All of this started over drugs, which led to bad, irrational decisions being made. What happened last week is a direct result of how drugs can ruin families and a local community. We will continue to be proactive in combating the illegal drug activity in our city with the mission of putting the drug dealers in prison. Please continue to pray for everyone who was affected by this and that they can find peace during this difficult time in their lives.”

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