POTUS says he doesn’t know who Lil Jon is – Here’s a photo of Trump & Lil Jon

WASHINGTON, DC -- Wednesday's press conference with White House media had a lot of highlights for President Trump but one specific comment has the internet trolling. President Trump told reporters that he had never heard of a rapper named Lil Jon.

Yeah!, right.

via Gfycat

Trump was asked to address accusations of racism, including Lil Jon’s claim that he called him an "Uncle Tom." President Trump denied ever knowing him, despite featuring him on a lil show called "Celebrity Apprentice." Ya heard of it?

“I don’t know who Lil Jon is,” Trump answered flatly. The reporter responded that Jon was on the show in 2011 and 2013. Surprised, the President said, “Oh, he was? OK. Oh, I see. I don’t know… I would never do that, and I don’t use racist remarks, and you know what, if I did, you would’ve known about it.”

The President insisting, “I have never used racist remarks.”

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