Election Help! Candidate helps get 74-year old woman who couldn’t drive to polls

NEW ORLEANS-- A local community activist and Family Services Outreach Manager for New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, Andrew Bagnato did something pretty special on Election Day this past Tuesday.

Bagnato posted the story to his Instagram account.

He wrote:  "I first met Auston Badon, a candidate for Clerk of First City Court last week for an opening reception of the interactive exhibit called 'Undesign the Red Line,' which connects the history of housing discrimination and segregation to the political and social issues of today.  Austin is a former Louisiana State Representative and during our conversation I had the opportunity to explain to him that I had the privelege of working for two State Representatives in Ohio.  I also told him that I was more than willing to volunteer on Election Day and was able to take people to the polls, if need be.  He reached out to me and asked my help in getting Ms. Rose, a New Orleans native of 74 years, to the polls.  Because of her glaucoma, she's not able to drive, so if she didn't have a ride then she wasn't going to be able to vote.  Here Austin is on the eve of the election and he's thinking about this sweet elderly woman out in New Orleans East.  He already had my vote, but this makes me feel even better about it.  I also learned today that his favorite singer is Mariah Carey too, so I'm convinced that our meeting was destiny.  Happy Election Day, everyone!"

Bagnato did indeed pick up Ms. Rose and take her to go vote, where they met Austin Badon!  This is a sweet story of a candidate and a local activist teaming up to help someone exercise their very important right to vote!   The three of them took this picture together on Election Day.

(Pictured from left to right:  Andrew Bagnato, Ms. Rose, and Austin Badon)

Austin Badon won the election to serve as Clerk of 1st City Court in New Orleans.  Badon beat out interim clerk, Timothy David Ray 64 to 36 percent.  Both candidates were Democrats.

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