Hometown Horror Stories: Holt Cemetery

NEW ORLEANS - Today we're venturing into one of the most haunted cemeteries in New Orleans - and you probably haven't even heard of it.

New Orleans Psychic Cari Roy took us to Holt Cemetery, where the vibe is immediately spooky. "Here lie the pauper's graves, Holt is a potters field. As you can see, as you look around there are a lot of homemade signs, where people have written the eulogies or the remembrance of the departed loved ones. And the spirits really hang out here."

But just how haunted is Holt?  Roy believes it's the most haunted cemetery in New Orleans. She used a magnetometer, or EMF to scan the electromagnetic field. "So when you’re doing a paranormal investigation you take this piece of equipment and you scan and when it starts getting a little wonky and let you know that there may be some activity whichever area you’re pointing to."

Some graves go way back into the 1800s, some, freshly buried earlier this year.

Roy told us of an interesting experience she had at Holt Cemetery, "I came here with a Tibetan Buddhist monk who was visiting after Katrina and he wanted to do a ritual underneath the full moon here at Holt Cemetery. Because he felt that this was a portal to the ancestral spirits."

They saw shadows, Cari heard a lot of noises, and at one time somebody heard what sounded like a scream coming from the other end of the cemetery."

Holt Cemetery is named after a doctor - Joseph Holt and Cari told us, "the interesting thing though is Holt translates into dead in Hungarian and so it really translates into Dead Cemetery."

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