Confessions from ‘Dancing with the Stars’: What hurts?

HOLLYWOOD - From Hollywood, it's Dancing with the Stars.

It's where the stars salsa and samba and tango and a lot more.

That's why WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood heads to Hollywood to see what "more" means.

"More" could mean the way to get a ten.

A ten is a perfect store.  Of course, not everybody gets a ten.

In fact, a ten is tough for anybody to get.

But because ballroom dancing is a contact sport, everybody does eventually gets hurt.

"I know I'm a dancer because I fall over things I never fell over before," says John Schneider who's dancing with professional dancer Emma Slater.

And because of what John says, Wild Bill heads onto the ballroom floor to ask the question of questions.

What hurts?

Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten agree to what hurts, "everything!"

Nikki Glaser tells her pro partner Gleb Savchenko, "shoulder, covered in tape and I've got a back issue, sprained back,"

Wild Bill asks Grocery Store Joe Amabile who's dancing with Jenna Johnson.

Grocery Store Joe says, "ah, nothing, I forgot my steps so it doesn't feel good."

Demarcus Ware used to play in the NFL.  Now he's dancing with Lindsay Arnold.

Demarcus says what hurts includes, "my knees, my back, everything, my lungs because I didn't breathe during the whole dance."

Alan says about Alexis, "her legs are super sore, I had to get her a roller because she also has a big bruise."

Juan Pablo Di Pace is dancing with Cheryl Burke and Juan Pablo knows what hurts, "everything, bones hurts, she hurts more and my hips.

You can watch them dancing past the pain on Dancing with the Stars, Monday night at 7 pm on WGNO., ABC 26.

And don't forget to vote for John and Emma to keep Louisiana's hometown hero on the ballroom floor.

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