RIGHT HERE! The best seat in the house for ‘Dancing with the Stars’

HOLLYWOOD -  When you head to Hollywood and head to Dancing with the Stars and ask to be shown the best seat in the house, you'll get directed to a seat on the front row.

It's right across from the three judges at Dancing with the Stars.

That's where WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood finds himself taking a seat.

He takes the seat because it's where he gets seated by Debbie Clark.

She's on the ballroom floor.

And she's dancing.

Slow dancing.

Slow dancing with the walkie-talkie that's never far from her speaking voice.

Debbie Clark has a big job at Dancing with the Stars.

Debbie Clark says, "I assign guests to seats with my big seating chart here. where we section off everybody, here's John Schneider's section, he did have Ruth Buzzi coming but she has to reschedule."

No problem filling Ruth Buzzi's seat. That's what Debbie Clark does at Dancing with the Stars.
On the ballroom floor in her sparkling shoes, Debbie Clark is the show's audience producer.

Wild Bill asks Debbie Clark, "how many seats do you have here at Dancing with the Stars?"

Debbie Clark knows, "we can get almost 850 people in here."

Wild Bill asks, "do people ever complain somebody in front of them is too tall and they can't see over the top of them?"

Debbie Clark says it happens.

"Once and a while yes and I was told I could do seating chart according to height and I think 850 according to height might be a little too hard for me to do!"

Wild Bill wants to see and sit in the best seat the house.

Debbie Clark knows exactly where it is.

Debbie says,  "umm, front row across from the judges, go try it out."

In this seat, you're across from the judges, you see all their expressions and you're so close to the dance floor, you could almost be kicked!

You can watch Dancing with the Stars, Monday nights at 7 on WGNO.

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